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2007 Custom Hummer H3 loaded with goodies for sale


Probationary Member
Lynn Ma
2007 Custom Hummer H3 Thousands invested.. Runs and drives like brand new.

Loaded with Luxury pack. Kenwood big screen stereo with 4 High DEF camera's for 360 degree viewing. Sound system alone was $5,000.00 and still is, with camera's.

Runs through the Monsoon Subs that came stock. Sound system is incredible. Watch Prime movies in surround sound with great bass plugging stick right into the dash. Hi DEF, back up camera. Has underwater capabilities with full snorkel system.

Red Tiger High DEF 4K front and rear dash cam with tons of features. 500 GIG.

Remote Start (2 way, 3000 Foot distance, sends signal back to you that the truck has started and is running) intergraded alarm system.

Special front crash bar with cradle for 7 Ton winch/ with wireless remote.
All aluminum roof tray like a GOBI $950.00

New Optima Battery. 2 Dual 52 inch curved Light Bars with side Pods. 2 inch lift, 35 tires on new rims. ($3000.00)

All new brakes just done $1700.00 New Calipers, Rotors, pads with custom HUMMER red caliper covers.

Set up for 10 and 11 meter radio, RCI Super Star. Triple gauge computer system digitally measures tip, tilt, roll. Full altimeter, Feet above sea level, speed, satellite connections. Displays locked on satellites up to 11.
5 ft. fire stick for 10- and 11 meter radio.

Good frame all recalls done. Heated seats AC, cruise, tilt, power windows full luxury

Special Halo Lighting system with fogs, displays hundreds of colors as your running lights, incredible compliments on this vehicle. These trucks are no longer made, and increase in value every year. It was one of the most over engineered vehicles AM GM ever produced.

The 5 Cy engine is indestructible and has 285HP. I see them in the hummer clubs with 375,000 and they run like new. This truck has never been beat on. Mileage is 147,453. Drives smooth like a car, tranny is as tight as new.

It turns heads I can tell you that....I love the guys in their $75,000 pick up trucks that chase me down to talk about my truck. More than once I have heard: "this is coolest truck I have ever seen"... I'm into this truck for over $20K have all receipts. Over $10K within the last 1000 miles. This ones a keeper. $14,000.00 clean title. Vehicle is located on the North Shore in Massachusetts. Please call 978-715-5405 for any questions.


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