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2008 H2 SUT - lifted 40" tires

High Five H2

Well-Known Member
West Texas
I really hate to post this, but it might be time to sell my H2. I'm just kind of looking around to see what every thought it was worth. most people wouldn't want the mods, enthusiasts like us may want them.


140,000 miles
Sedona brown/black interior, still in good shape.
Body has some dents and dings. The previous owner drilled a few holes to install lights. Some on the hood and 4 around the body for police lights or something.
Mechanically, it's sound. There's a check engine light for the catalytic converter. I'd take it on a road trip right now.

6" lift (fabtech, i think, I got it this way)
40" tires
Aftermarket 20" wheels
It's hasn't been regeared, but it was recalibrated for the bigger tires
Slantback camper shell
LED headlights/driving lights
Alpine Apple carplay stereo. The lights match the factory guage lighting so it looks factory-ish.
Rearview camera that displays in rearview mirror. It's on all the time because the mirror itself was useless.
Kryptonite or something tie rods. they are THICK.
Rocky road outfitters supersliders - They're pretty handy for getting in. You need a small ladder if you have stubby legs like me.
Mechman alternator. 300 amps, i think.
big 3 electrical upgrade.
I added a license plate holder that mounts to the spare tire carrier with reverse and brake lights. I think it's pretty clever 😀

I really wanted to do a Dmax swap and solid axle conversion, but i don't think it's going to happen.


El Diablo
Staff member
Good luck with the sale. Sorry, never saw the original post but I really didn't have a good guess on the value anyway.

High Five H2

Well-Known Member
West Texas
Well someone picked it up on Saturday. :confused: They were big Hummer fans. They said they'd been driving H2's since 2003 and they had a couple of Humvees, so it's going to a good home. They live close-ish to Moab and I told them about the forum, so hopefully they come on a Moab trip.

I still have the 2010 H3 adventure to sell if anyone is interested. I guess i'll be out of the hummer scene for good.