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2009 H3 Championship Edition


San Antonio
Hey Everyone,
I may be selling my Championship Edition H3. The previous owner used it for road trips mostly. I have put on about 100-150 miles since I got it.

Mileage - 155,304
K & N Airfilter setup
Has front and rear lockers.
It has the brushguard, I was putting new headlights and fog lights on it so had it off when I took the pictures.
I'm putting an aftermarket radio in so I can setup camera(s). Camera(s) will be in the back, possibly the front as well. I also installed the Schwarttzy onstar mic adapter, which uses the onstar mic for the bluetooth phone calls on the radio.
I have Schwartzzy brand new extended leaf spring shackles and the high clearance leaf spring bolt plates.

The bad
The clear coat has faded on fenders, but I have looked on ebay and they can be purchased for a decent price or a few junk yards I have checked out in Houston
Has a few chips and scratches here and there, but nothing crazy.

I have more pictures and info, but really just trying to see if there is any interest by anyone before I go crazy on this post. I love it and don't want to get rid of it, but have to do some adulting.

If your interested, shoot me a message and we could talk about the price. These aren't cheap, if you can find one (Championship Editions). It's located in San Antonio, TX.



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