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Atlas 3.7 I5 teardown - I Do Cars


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I like this guy's channel on YouTube and saw this video. For those curious about the I5's internals and mechanisms, here you go! Saw a couple of things that were different than I expected or were previously shared by others.
Really doesn’t look like a terrible rebuild to take on. I’d be more concerned with sourcing all the bearings, camshafts, and other atlas specific part #’s. All in, would Probbaly be more cost effective to swap in a 5.3l. A tale as old as time.

Atleast they were able to solve the mystery of the missing 10mm.

I wonder what mileage the average 3.7 makes it to
Seen them all over the place, if they’re maintained 200,000+ miles. Lack of maintenance 100,000-150,000 miles or sooner.

Being at 195k and struggling to get up highway grades, outfitter design needs to release that front diff before I choose to go with a 5.3l. Would love a 5.13 geared i5.

Doc Olds

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Boat Town MI
A V8 swap into an originally I5 H3/H3T/Colly/Canyon is more of a can of worms than most realize or are prepared for. Over time there will be more of those V8 swaps. If I still had an I5 that died I would swap in a low mile used replacement, sell that and buy an Alpha.

I know of an 2006 H3 with 400K miles, all original and still going.