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EV At Detroit Auto Show


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I still don't see many EVs on the road around here, so I thought some of you might like to see some photos from the Detroit Auto Show. They had both the SUT and SUV open to get in and look over really well. They had an SUV at Woodward this year, but it was behind ropes. This was the first I had the opportunity to actually get in one. No one said I couldn't, (even though I got plenty of weird looks), so I actually crawled underneath to get some pictures and look around. Where else am I going to be able to look underneath while laying on plush carpet?! I took a pic (below), but its pretty bad. My phone was near 0% and all I had was my GoPro which doesn't do well in low light. Long story short, the underside of these are basically one giant skidplate. That's pretty much it. I think these would slide like butter off rocks, logs, etc. The control arms are also massive aluminum units. The suspension looks extremely stout. Time will tell, but I don't see a whole lot that I think would fail easily. Of course, as much as this thing weighs, it has to be overbuilt.

I would totally buy one of these if money were not a factor. I seriously doubt I could wheel it anywhere around here though. It's just plain too big to fit down any trail I've ever been on. A JL, Bronco, or H3 is about the limit for anything nearby and this is more H1 size. Interior is very nice. It's definitely a luxury vehicle. It makes our H2s and H3s look downright spartan. Part of that is the 15 years of advancement, but I think it's still intended for a different market than our trucks ever were. One thing I looked at closely was the T Top seals. As a fan of stuff from the 80s, I have a love hate relationship with T-Tops. They max out the cool-meter, but they are a pain to live with. Just looking, the EV seals look like they are better made and heavier than anything from the past, but it still appears to be the same design. Which I suspect means eventual leaks. I would like to see a hardtop option for someone keeping these long term. That said, I also doubt anyone with the money to buy one of these is going to keep it long term. I wouldn't. I'd wait till the warranty was up and trade it on a new one. It's not something most of us are ever going to be able to work on at home in our garage. It's just too complex and is going to entail relearning everything we ever learned about ICE. Bottom line. Yeah, if I win the lottery or someday cash out my retirement accounts, I'd definitely buy one. For now though, I'll continue buying used H3's with $110,00 left for mods!

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After 2.5 years my EV finally came in but the longer it took the more the EV market fails. + I'm not the guy who can wait in line to wait additional time to recharge.
I just canceled my order & plan to keep my deuce.
Soooo glad I canceled