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Future Moab development


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Phoenix & Southwest + Southwest + Hospitality | February 8, 2023
Lionsback Resort in Moab gets $50M construction loan

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By: Mike Boyd

Moab, Utah Location for $350M Luxury Resort, Residences​

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Invent Development Partners has obtained $50 mil of construction financing for Phase I of the Lionsback Resort in Moab, Utah, a 175-acre development located adjacent to internationally renowned Canyonlands and Arches National Park in eastern Utah.
Proceeds from this fixed-rate, non-recourse construction loan will be used to complete the Phase I onsite infrastructure improvements and vertical construction of the initial 34 single family homes, as well as the horizontal infrastructure of Phase II. To be built over five phases, at build-out, the $350 million development will include 188 single-family residences “Casitas” and a luxury, destination resort hotel. Invent says the resort hotel will include 150 guest rooms, including a spa, fitness center, pool, restaurant and 7,500 square foot convention center and wedding venue. The project will be the first luxury residential/resort development in the city of Moab.
The financing was arranged by Sonnenblick-Eichner Company. The non-recourse loan came in at 85% of cost.


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"Like Nothing Else"
Indianapolis, IN
Ive only been to moab twice, loved it each time. I had kinda hoped as the world returned to normal, the outdoor craze would die down some. I realize the town needs economic development to survive but lets face is, more humans just encroaches on the wild beauty that is there, part of the appeal for me was that is was a small town without much around it. Anyway just my 2 cents/opinion.


El Diablo
Staff member
The Lions Back development has been in the works for 15 or 20 years, and yeah, it's symptomatic of how Moab is changing. They are building vacation properties so quickly but the city can't keep up for residential services. It's a big reason why we're in Hurricane UT this year.

But as I went through Hurricane and St. George a few weeks ago I could see the development there too. New condo developments and a few large glamping sites, from Airstreams to "teepees" (cabins looking like teepees). House prices are high in St. George too, likely from the California remote worker influx, but they might come down. But I fee that the Moab-style development may be hitting St. George as well.

Thankfully, Ouray, CO still seems unblemished.

Really, I just wish these guys would get off my lawn.


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Conroe, TX
Water is already a problem in Utah and towns are building without regard to having enough water for their current population. While pointing at farmers as the cause for there not being enough water. Even if this drought is finished. There will be future droughts.
And you become very unpopular if you point out. If you want to eat. Farmers need to water.
Happy to be living in Conroe TX now. The heavy metals in the Utah blowing dust and sand was becoming unbearable for me.