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H3 Winch Mount


San Antonio
Anyone know where to get a winch mount for an H3?

Starting to regret getting the H3, can't find anything for it anywhere. Pretty frustrating.


El Diablo
Staff member


Talk to a local fabricator:


You can also add a front tow receiver (there are kits available) then put a winch in a cradle.

Not sure that all the above are available. And you are correct, the H3 market is very limited vs. other brands. But the H3 remains much more unique than other brands. I'm hoping that it becomes one of the classics, like the original IH Scout or Ford Bronco. Maybe it won't ever get there, but for many of us that's kinda why we have our H3s. It offers something different than the other brands, but we have to work a bit more to upgrade them and keep them in great shape. Patience is the key. That, and asking questions like you're doing and using the resources around you.

And yeah, it can be frustrating.