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Orange County, CA
I got into a bit of a tiff with some GMC dealerships regarding Markups over MSRP on the trucks being delivered now.

If you confirm the price before delivery, it should be MSRP, but if it's not, you can contact GMC/Hummer concierge and transfer your order/place in line to another dealership.

I had no interest in the First Editions; I can do one with a mid-range truck, with two motors and the four-wheel steering/off-road package, so I booked one with Tustin GMC.

I had many... "over-glorified GMC Arcadia" salesman accuse me and others of either not being able to afford a Hummer or not being successful in life to pay a 100-200k* markup. Which I must say is a new and novel approach for a brand relaunch. Fortunately, many dealers are stepping forward and claiming no markups if you transfer the Hummer to them.

*- That one mecum auction got peoples brains warped I think.

That being said there were a few people I know who were on the fence with EV's in general especially something like the Hummer EV but they had a bit of time in one and they think its neat. They are still waiting for GM to get any remaining kinks out of the engineering.

Only things I heard of so far are:

-The Taillight recall on some First Editions.
-The white interior trim plastic doesn't like certain cleaning products?
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