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Mickey Thompson tires in 37 to 40

JJT 99

Probationary Member
Does anybody have the MT tires with a 6in lift setup? I am thinking of getting the legend MTZ in 40x 14.5 x20. Can't make up my mind. Originally wanted 38 13.5 20 as I bought it with Toyo open Country. MT doesn't have that size. Researched wide vs narrow tires. All Terrain, Mud terrain. Not sure what to get. Worried about looks to much I guess. Don't rock climb or anything Daily driver, but want it for mountain road terrain, snow sometimes up here in PA. Looking at Mud Terrain ones too, MT has 38 15.5 figured it might be to wide. Research stated drive line strain. I am thinking wide shouldn't matter that much (research said sking in snow instead of gripping) An H2 is a wide vehicle though. . That's what 4H is for. I guess 37 12.5 or 13.5 would be the most logic and safest. Really like those 40's though. Any suggestions, help in choice? Appreciated.

Bmonts h3

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You should be able to fit those with a 6 inch lift. A stock hummer H2 can can fit 37s pretty easily if I remember correctly. I have a 6 inch lift with 40 inch mud grapplers on mine.