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Most happiest fresh meat here :)))


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Hi, guys,
im sorry for my english language skills, but ill try :)
So im from Europe, Lithuania, i bought Hummer H3 11 years ago, and drive just 4000 miles with him, my first engine milleage was 74 000, than it gets ruined, but garage/service made overhaul for me, repaired it for another 1000 miles :)) than i bought second one with 5000 milleage, with second engine i just drive around 1000 miles and its get ruined. I tought im not going to put more money in it, thats all. I just leave it on road near my house for 2 years.. Few months ago, my friend offer to repair it, and he made it :)) but i have same issue, i know that it not going to work more than 1000 miles :))) My problem its low oil pressure on idle when engine is hot :))
I spent around 30k euros on that car, and drive not more than 4000 miles :D and i said thats the last time, i want to drive with my H3, he owes me that (to run not less than 50k miles). So i started to search solution by myself (im not a technician, but thats my last chance) and i found this amazing forum, guys, im so happy, because i got a lot of useful info here, and now im sure, that my car will be okay :) My friend will help me with work, i just ordered parts which i know its 100% are bad, when we will finish, i will update :) Thanks so much for u all.
Few pictures of my H3 2006 3.5 made just today :)


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Saudi Arabia
Nice H3 and rear reflector used as fog light I'm I right? Our H3 is having similar reflector and deferent taillight., I believe your H3 is US spec.