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Rear end.

Doc Olds

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Boat Town MI
I would start out by posting my question in the H3 section where all H3 tech questions belong. I assume a Mod will come along and MOVE this for you.

Answer to your question: 1) get it rebuilt at your local ring and pinion/differential service facility if you cannot do it yourself; or, 2) get a replacement used rear axle for your model H3 and swap the entire thing out.


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Putting in a used rear end is a big gamble.

I can't imagine it being THAT expensive to rebuild. Hopefully just needs new seals and bearings. No gears or locker (if you have one) replacement hopefully.


El Diablo
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Can't believe no one saw this until now, likely because it was in "Announcements" and not the H3 section.

Did you get it resolved yet? If not, find a local shop that works on differentials. Maybe a 4x4 shop. It's much more reliable to rebuild than replace. You can add a locker too if you don't have one already, and want one.

Also, by "going out" what exactly is going on?


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Way up north, UT
Rebuild shouldn't cost a bunch, the GM 10 bolts are extremely common so parts are plentiful and inexpensive. I think when I had my ARB put in with new gears after grenading the spider gears, it only cost me a few hundred in labor, mostly because I pulled the axle out and brought it to the shop. But even if you have to pay for labor to pull the axle as well it won't be too bad since that is a pretty quick job. The gears themselves were pretty inexpensive at the time (pre-Covid). Looks like currently you'd be looking at between $200-$400 for a ring and pinion set, plus the installation kit.

i would just take it to a reputable shop and have them inspect it and get you a quote. If you just want to get it back on the road and nothing is destroyed yet inside the diff then it shouldn't cost too much to replace whatever is going bad. If you want to do something like a new locker then you're looking at spending another $2000 or so on top of the gear job. This will include the locker and accessories and maybe installation as well.


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DIY if you can, good shop otherwise. Check your shocks and bump stops too, I had to replace all four on both of my H3s. As well as a leaf spring, an end bracket, both half axles, one rack, one axle, two boots, and now a differential is leaking. There were some other items I’d had to defer for lack of time. Oh, and I just warranty swapped the shocks on one.

Now driving is a dream and I’m happy with both.