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Tire Size


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Northern VA
Bumping this thread. Sort of considering getting a 08-09 in the next couple of months, so this is more of just a "out of curiosity" question right now. I know Mb30sdl said that 4.5" backspacing is needed to fit 37's with a fabtech lift. But if I were to just level the truck and want the tires to stick out just a smidge enough to look good, is that still the way to go? I'd also want to eliminate as much rubbing as possible...

CostaMesa H2

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Costa Mesa, CA
I have 37x13.50x22 and there's a smidge of rubbing at full lock. I've got my keys set for 2" higher to level it out and its rides great. I also put in custom axles from RCV in Pennsylvania and Kryptonite front end everything they make and put in 4.88 gears