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Updated attachment (picture) limits - now with MORE!


El Diablo
Staff member
Good morning,

I was able to change our hosting plan for our server to gain additional storage, meaning photos can now be up to 9mb in size as an attachment, vs the old limit of ~1mb. Please note that the backend software, which I cannot change, limits one post to 64 mb, so if you upload 8 pictures at 9mb each to one post, it won't work. Break it up into multiple posts.

Larger pictures will also slow down the performance of the page for the viewers so smaller pictures are better.

Here are some recommendations:

1) Use third party hosting sites for your pictures and link to them. Sites include https://www.flickr.com/, https://www.smugmug.com/, https://photos.google.com/.
2) Reduce the file size of your photos before attaching them to your posts. Tools include "Preview" on Mac, "Paint" in Windows 10, and online sites like https://pixlr.com/editor/
3) Signature pictures must be kept of reasonable size so that they do not take up excessive space on each page view. Forum readers come here for content, not to scroll through your oversized signature images.

Here's how to link to photos that are hosted on a third party site: https://www.hummer4x4offroad.com/fo...g-and-embedding-pictures-and-video-Here-s-How

If you have any questions, or things are not working properly, please let me know.