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We're live! Take #2


El Diablo
Staff member
Okay, yesterday's posts are gone but nothing significant was lost. We had to reimport the data to fix the pictures issue. Still working on Google redirects for links as well as BB code for things like YouTube links. Please keep me informed of issues.


Well-Known Member
Hey Alex! So I noticed you put back in the sponsors banner. There seems to be a problem with it. When you first load up the website, and the different banners start cycling through, there is a fraction of a second where the banner disappers, all the content on the forum is shifted upward as if the banner was deleted and then the next banner appears, shifting the content back down again. I notice that this stops after all the banners have cycled through. It is a definitely a noticable thing and makes the website feel glitchy and when you are scrolling through a thread, the content will be bouncing up and down. Also I took a look and it seems that all the attached images on forum posts are now correct, but they aren't actually displaying on the site (only as a link to a photo), so not sure if you can get them display. Also its good that you no longer have to be logged in to view these attatchments. While posting this, I just discoved another bug which is if you insert any of new emojis you added in this update, it will give you an error and won't let you post. It says "Oops! We ran into some problems. A server error occurred. Please try again later."