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Yes, the H3 is gone


El Diablo
Staff member
Sorry, I had to sell. Wasn't an easy or desirable end, but I was really only using this 1x per year (Utah trip). I'm still holding onto this forum and I'll be a part of the Black Sheep trips. For Sand Hollow, I'm still working on the planning and the 2024 shirt is with the designer right now.

One of the things I've tried to do on and off on these trips was to shoot pics and video, but it was a bit of a challenge to shoot video, lead the group, park 12 spots ahead of an obstacle, run back and shoot video while spotting vehicles, and then run back up front. Maybe I'll do video this year. I dunno yet, how I do the trip is still up in the air.


Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Yeah, I know the feeling all too well. I really miss my H3. I think the Battlewagon will never be ready to tackle trails as I intended. I miss leading runs in SoCal and seeing the joy that other people had on the trail with me. That running back and forth will drain you, especially if you are up in altitude.

Still, I appreciate all you have done to keep this club alive. We all owe you a big chunk of gratitude, especially during the CHO transition. Thank you!


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High Desert & Santa Maria
It's not really a "like" but I know the feeling. I sold my 3T during the Covid period for economic survival and I miss it. I could certainly use it now that I drive the mountains above Banning where I'm working.


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Corinth, MS
The withdrawals will be kicking in shortly. It's not that you only drove it 1x/yr... it's that it was there and COULD HAVE been driven whenever you chose. Mine has been in the shop and I can see it, but not drive it. Been promised that it's the next in line for a month and the tension is killing me. In 6-mo he'll be in either a Colorado BISON or another H3.