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  1. rascole

    H3 aluminum complete front axle with 4.56 gears

    Came out of my 06 with 4.56 and had 120k miles on it and it looks great. I replaced it with a CI with a locker. $700
  2. O

    Broke my front diff in my 2003 H2 last weekend at BMR. I need advise!!!!!

    Anyone ever do a straight axle swap on a H2? I've read you can use a dodge 3/4 ton front axle. I have 4:10 gears and eventually going to do a duramax swap! Thanks in advance, Oklahummer
  3. J

    Front Cv axle replacement - questions, how to

    Well I started hearing clicking noises when accelerating from the front right on my h3 so after further inspection it looks like the cv boot is ripped where it connects to the differential. Well I ordered a new axle and a differential seal for the repairs. Will I need to drain and replace my...
  4. D

    08 Alpha Parts For Sale

    Up for Sale-- 2008 Alpha H3--- All parts have 72k miles on them. Nothing is Broken -Rear axle complete from disc to disc. Stock locker and stock gears. -Front Diff housing ( no locker) -Front Axles complete -A- Arms -Front Hub Assemblies Basically All suspension is for sale Message me with...
  5. alrock

    Axle seal protector

    F5 has mentioned this a few times and I finally got around to purchasing them. These protectors slip over the axle to protect the seal from the sharp edges of the splines. The protector has a cutout at the top and will easily slip off the axle when you are finished. They are reusable. Kent...