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  1. MessiaH2

    MessiaH2 had a big couple weeks of build

    I have owned my 03' Deuce and it has been my daily driver since Jan 2004. It has had some options added over the years but nothing like the past two weeks. It just received a 6" Fab Tech lift which mounted perfect and rides fantastic! Before After MassiaH2 second coming!!! This name comes...
  2. spillKill

    spillkill build (Laura)

    well i guess its time to start my build thread sry but its gonna be a slow one lol but first off I found this beauty online but was in WV at a car max and I live in NC well i contacted car max and they shipped it here for free so i could test drive it needless to say I loved it right when I saw...
  3. Hans3T

    Building Barney: Hans3T's H3T Build Thread

    Welcome, and thanks for checking out my build thread! Allow me to preface this build by saying I have been blessed in life with a great family, a beautiful fiancée, wonderful friends, and countless opportunities – all of which have made me who I am today. For the better part of a decade, I...
  4. ReconH3

    ReconH3 Build Thread v2.0

    Instead of copying my old build thread, I thought that my August 2011 ROTM thread was much more complete. This is by far the most complete compilation I have put together of my build. This is where it all started :) I waited two years for the Alpha to come out. I knew a vehicle with that...