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bump stop

  1. O

    Replacement Bump Stops

    I'm trying to buy new bump stops, the GM OEM ones cost a fortune here (Dubai), so I was checking out this online shop, they don't specific Hummer bump stops, but I was thinking ones of the below should fit, just not sure which ones, can you please help: option 1...
  2. cory9oh4

    Rough Country Level Kit and Front Bump Stops

    2008 H3 stock suspension at the moment: When installing this leveling kit is it recommended to also get the extended front bump stops? Does this kit effectively do the same thing as cranking up the torsion bars? The kit I ordered is...
  3. J

    Changing the bulb on roof lights and replacing a Bump Stop

    Alright so when I went to the desert apparently one of my bump stops ripped off and now I need to replace it but I'm not too sure if its literally just a bolt straight through or if its going to be more complicated than that So if anyone has changed it before I would appreciate the help!! Also...
  4. Boerwarrior

    increased nose dive

    recently I have been noticing increased nose dive when braking and more body roll when turning. its wasn't really bothering me but it was noticeable. I figured with 60k on the odometer that my shocks were probably shot. The other day I jumped under my rig to tighten some leaking fittings on my...