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  1. USMC_315

    Alpha Front Diff Questions

    So I picked up an entire front diff/axle off of an Adventure packaged I5 from Rascole a while back. It's finally about to be installed, but I have a couple of things I want to verify before I accidentally tell my shop the wrong thing... I understand that Adventure packaged I5's come with a cast...
  2. 6

    09 H3T Alpha Parts

    So had a bit of a catastrophe with my 09 Alpha adventure H3T. While parking in my driveway, something literally went sideways and now the truck is screwed. Basically there was a failure in the front diff that caused the t-case to crack. I'm in BC Canada and found a t-case through rock auto US...
  3. O

    Broke my front diff in my 2003 H2 last weekend at BMR. I need advise!!!!!

    Anyone ever do a straight axle swap on a H2? I've read you can use a dodge 3/4 ton front axle. I have 4:10 gears and eventually going to do a duramax swap! Thanks in advance, Oklahummer
  4. B

    H3 Humming/roaring sound during accleration

    So I just got my H3 from a private seller here in MT. During my test drive, I heard a sound but it sounded like the tires so I ignored it. I was told they replaced the transfer case and rear differential, blah blah blah... Come to find out it isn't the tires... During accleration, there is a low...
  5. autumn walker

    Front and Rear Differential Fluid Change

    I'm replacing the driver's side inner axle seal tomorrow night and will be changing the front / rear differential fluid while I'm at it (front has been leaking and I might as well keep the fluid changes in sync). The owners manual states 75W-90 and meeting GM Specification 9986115; however...
  6. alrock

    H3 Front diff crossmember bushing fix

    Inspired by Speedy and equipped by suspension.com, Bigunit, kd7irm and I tackled the task of replacing the bushing in my crossmember with the Energy Suspension bushings sold in a kit by suspension.com. The OEM setup is a metal sleeve that is keyed to the diff with the sleeve sitting in...
  7. reaper

    WTS FS: 2006 H3 Front Diff (alluminum from Adventure Series)

    For sale is a perfectly good aluminum differential from my 2006 Adventure H3. (fyi: I put in a cast iron diff w/locker. AFAIK this is in perfect condition.) Make an offer!!!! Part is located in Denver. It's crated so we could arrange shipping or transport to/from Moab.