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h3 alpha

  1. NorseVikinAEsir

    Please Help. 2008 Hummer H3 Alpha

    I have abs fault, service stabilitrak, traction control messages and I can't get it to shift out of 4 Low. Also, barely any brakes with brake pedal not consistent. I changed the encoder motor and tried many of the tips and tricks on different forums, any ideas or help would be greatly...
  2. J

    Snapped Leaf Spring

    Hello all! Today i discovered my right rear leaf spring has snapped sometime in the last few days. Is it bad if i were to just replace the snapped one? Also is it a job i could do myself? I am strapped for money and need a cost effective solution. For reference i have a 2008 H3 Alpha with...
  3. P

    H3 Lost traction control, antilock and cruise control. No blown fuses

    I was installing new brake pads and rotors on my H3 Alpha and had the right rear caliper off. My son pushed on the brake peddle and pushed out a piston before I realized what was happening. I cleaned up the piston and reinstalled it,then bled that caliper. I started it up when I was done and...
  4. F

    New H3 Alpha from Austin TX

    New to this site, I have several builds behind me, a Branco and a CJ . I have gotten the wife's retired 08 H3 Alpha handed down for my next project! I am looking forward to sharing with you guys as the project develops. The only mod on the unit is a super chips flash pak.
  5. E

    New also

    Discovered this site! Figure I could use some advice - I have a H3 Alpha that now sports a 6.0 V-8, but stock rear end and stock 16 inch wheels and tires. A good friend suggested I should consider making some changes to take advantage of the increased power - maybe even just for better mileage...