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  1. Eric@Rotech

    Digital Display For H2

    Hello, I just purchased a 2003 Hummer H2. I'm starting to upgrade my interior to give it a modern look. Besides changing out seats, carpet/headliner, I've decided to tackle the instrument cluster. Nothing wrong with having analog gauges I just prefer the digital look I've been accustomed to...
  2. racksonblacks

    Arizona's Box Canyon trail near Florence, AZ

    Has anyone done this trail recently? I am running a 2007 H3. I am planning on just doing the canyon and not any of the other trails that branch off. I am coming from Gilbert, AZ. should I start from the Price road entrance or is there another way in? do i really need a rec pass? I cant find much...
  3. Jeremy

    Transmission OUT! Advice?

    Okay, so heres the rundown. My '07 Hummer is in the shop and my transmission is being gutted and needing to be rebuilt. Since I don't know hardly anything about transmissions I can't provide exactly everything that mechanic told me is wrong with it but he basically said that everything was...
  4. Jeremy

    H3 Engine Vibration [ Steering Wheel + Center Console ]

    Has anyone had this problem? If so, how did you fix it?Problem:ONLY when I am idled (red light/stop sign/drive-thru, etc...) my steering wheel vibrates like its trying to fall off. Sometimes when I turn the A/C on it stops or as soon as I touch the gas pedal. The vibration has gotten so bad that...
  5. Jeremy

    New dude from TN. Whats up?

    I'm joining this forum because I have tons of questions on my vehicle that only Hummer owners can answer for me. I got my Hummer in February this year so it's still so new to me.