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  1. M

    Square Headlights?

    Okay folks, so I recognize that I might possibly be the only idiot who doesn't care for the "round peg in a square hole" look. And I haven't found squat on teh interwebs for square headlights for these things. What I have seen still has a round main reflector so it still looks goofy (to me). And...
  2. B

    Mudfest - Anyone done it with a Jeep?

    I've attended two mudfests so far watching my cousin's truck. Absolutely amazing, but the majority of the trucks there are beaters and some go straight to the boneyard after they get pulled out of the mud by a tractor. I was thinking about building a mud rig out of a Jeep. I don't have a lot of...
  3. SickStringC

    SickStringC's '14 JKUR Build Thread

    And so it begins . . . Here it is as it came from the dealership: Standard on Rubicon: Front and Rear Lockers Front Push Button Swaybar Disconnect Premium Alpine Sound Rubicon Badging Rubicon UCP Gear driven LSD Dana 44s Front & Rear Rubicon Springs & Upgraded Shocks (gone) Options Added...
  4. spillKill

    jeep dis decals?

    hey my brother just got him self a jeep wrangler so i want to have a little fun with the whole jeep vs hummer rivalry :thumbs: but i cant really find any jeep dissing decals, anybody have any ideas thanks!
  5. reaper

    Jeep Rubicon Truck!

    I saw this really cool Jeep truck yesterday and had to stop and look at it. Wow, check it out!!! A Rubicon truck! But wait, then I saw the price.... are you freaking out of your mind????? 60K???? No, that is not a typo. The truck bed conversion is a 25k option. Holy smokes batman! I'll...