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    09 H3T Alpha Parts

    So had a bit of a catastrophe with my 09 Alpha adventure H3T. While parking in my driveway, something literally went sideways and now the truck is screwed. Basically there was a failure in the front diff that caused the t-case to crack. I'm in BC Canada and found a t-case through rock auto US...
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    Greetings from St. Thomas Virgin Islands

    Newbie here driving a 2007 H3 Adventure package with 101K miles on it.
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    Auburn Max Lock Locker

    Has anyone used an Auburn max lock locker for the rear? As a budget option i suppose. Also out of curiosity, what air lockers in today's market are recommended? I've been looking at OX.
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    WTS 2007 Hummer H3 Adventure

    SOLD 2007 Hummer H3 Adventure 3.7L 5 cylinder engine Great daily driver and ready for the trails. Everything works great, nothing missing. This has the real Adventure Package with the 4:1 transfer case, 4.56 gears, and a rear differential locker. Upgrades made in the last year: -35" Mickey...
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    H3 1 Year Updates

    Its been a year since I joined and made my first post, since then my H3 had gone from a daily driver to now a weekend toy/trailer queen. I had a great chance to be a part of the 4WD Truck and Jeep Fest here in Houston, TX and was the only Hummer there :( but it gave me a chance to visit will all...
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    08 Alpha Parts For Sale

    Up for Sale-- 2008 Alpha H3--- All parts have 72k miles on them. Nothing is Broken -Rear axle complete from disc to disc. Stock locker and stock gears. -Front Diff housing ( no locker) -Front Axles complete -A- Arms -Front Hub Assemblies Basically All suspension is for sale Message me with...