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  1. USMC_315

    Street Racing?!

    hey guys, so last night on my way home from dinner a cute nissan maxima attempted to race me. For the first time ever I floored the gas, and I was shocked, I literally blew him away when I was reaching 85-90 mph. I know that hes in a pos, but still that is a decently quick car. anyway i've...
  2. R

    Power steering

    I have problems with the power steering only when parking or off-road. I have checked the fluid and its fine, I also haven't noticed any leaks. I started to notice this after my fun day of driving through a lot of snow, so maybe they're connected some how? I also just posted a thread on my...
  3. J

    H3 Incline touble in my in line 5 H3

    So i have noticed that any time I am driving up on a constant incline on my way up to a mountain ( I am a rock climber and love the outdoors) my h3 really struggles to maintain speed. On Friday night I was on my way up to Mt. High for my first time snowboarding and my buddy told me to take a...
  4. autumn walker

    Connecting Winch Power to H2

    When you guys hook up the power to your winch do you hook directly to the battery or do you use the remote terminal by the engine? The manual says to hook everything up to the remote terminal... the winch says directly to the battery... which is best?