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roof rack

  1. Big2dabank

    Garage Goodies for Sale! H2 takeoffs...

    I have ben instructed by my wife to clean out the garage this year, so here is the list of items for sale..... Hummer Related.... -OEM 4.10 ring and pinion gear for GM 9.25" IFS - $50 -OEM 4.10 ring and pinion gear from GM 9.5" 14 Bolt Semi-Floater -$50 -Open diff for GM 9.25" IFS - $75 Gears...
  2. J

    WTB GOBI RACK For a 2008 Alpha with Sunroof

    Looking for a Gobi, I live in California but willing to pay for shipping, please message me if you have one to sell!! Preferably with ladder!! Thanks:thumbs:
  3. mightyepp

    Secure Spare on Roof

    For those who have your spare tire on your roof rack, how do you secure it? I just have mine chained, but looking for other options.
  4. Nacho

    H3 Roof Racks

    The topic of roof racks for H3’s seems to come up regularly so I have created a guide of what options are still available for the H3s. I’d like this thread be a reference for members so those with any rack post up pictures and write a review. Also could replies be kept to reviews or information...