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  1. R

    WTS ARB rack for sale MI

    Hello, I am selling my ARB rack. Fitting kit comes with it so it's ready for buyer to use. it measures 87/44 inches. Cross bar no mesh floor. https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/arb-roof-rack-mounting-kit-3768010/_/R-BHWQ-3768010...
  2. M

    Sunroof blocked

    PROBLEMS NEVER FINISH .. Hi guys, this inece is another problem that I have since I took this h2, the panoramic roof does not work. I feel the motor that turns but the glass is blocked, I would like to know from someone you want as I do to remove the inner roof where the blocking screws are...
  3. J

    Roof lighting questions

    So I have the stock Roof lights that came with the Adventure Pkg, I was wondering what my options would be for changing the lights to HIDs (would it fit) or can I take those lights out and put in a set of led pods? I want to make all my lights match or at least kinda match and think it would...
  4. rascole

    Roof rack opinions???

    Well, I have finally started my roof rack project for my H3. It is going to be 50" x 76" x 4". But before I have my friend actually start welding I would like some input on 2 different things. 1. Aluminum vs Steel?? My fab friend, fabricator not fabulous. Suggests aluminum over steel strictly...
  5. S

    WTB: OEM Roof Marker Lights H3

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to purchase or get help on how to replace my OEM roof marker lights which broke off going down the highway last week. The body shop said the plastic is deteriorated too badly to fix it and although I put the screws back in the roof to cover the holes, the truck looks bad...
  6. autumn walker

    Roof Leak - Passenger Side A-Pillar

    Went out to my truck this morning to see a drip of water on the dash - looked up and saw water coming down the passenger A-pillar and a slight damp spot on the headliner just above the A-pillar. Truck does not have a sunroof. I suspect it is the marker lights... anything else I should be...