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  1. Shrubf4

    H3 spare Chrome wheel F/S/T

    Re-running this. Up for grabs today is a stock Chrome wheel for an H3. It looks like it was never used so it has no road rash and it's just taking up space right now. $80 or trades -Roof rails -The larger half of the UCP -Hunner skids -Just offer other neat stuff
  2. Gruz7

    Rhode Island !!

    Just joined.. '04 H2 Adventure
  3. J

    H3 Incline touble in my in line 5 H3

    So i have noticed that any time I am driving up on a constant incline on my way up to a mountain ( I am a rock climber and love the outdoors) my h3 really struggles to maintain speed. On Friday night I was on my way up to Mt. High for my first time snowboarding and my buddy told me to take a...
  4. autumn walker

    Upgraded Driveline / Transmission UCP?

    So I have managed to destroy my factory driveline UCP. Pulled it off, welded in some 1/4" checker plate, put it back on, bent it again. What are you guys doing with your driveline to protect it? I'm getting tired of pulling my stock UCP off and reshaping it so it doesn't vibrate off my exhaust!