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sunroof track

  1. Alpha Tango

    H3T Sunroof assembly replacement

    On the to do list is replacing the sunroof assembly on my H3T. I picked up a used on from the wrecker from an H3. It wasn't an easy piece to remove with most of the interior still intact. Since it was a wreck I wasn't gentle about moving the roof liner and ended up bringing it out the back door...
  2. C

    H3 Sunroof Drive Ribbon Cable Replacement - Aternative Affordable Solution

    Save some big dollars on H3 Sunroof ribbon cable replacement. This is not an advertisement for a product or service… just some information I could find nowhere else. I finally researched it and dug up the info after a few days of research and multiple dealership visits to look at similar...
  3. Renagade132

    H2 4WD switch issues

    Has anyone had any issues when they press the button and try to switch to 4H or 4L? I press it, and it takes a few minutes to switch down to the next gear. Sometimes it even seems to stay stuck and I have to turn the truck off and back on, and then seems to reset back to normal....but I'm not...
  4. Renagade132

    Sun roof on H2

    I am having big issues with my sunroof, it has no problem opening, but when I go to close it, I have to push it with my hand for it to close completely, has anyone had this issue? I already tried dealing with the problem with the help of a friend that is a mechanic, he already changed, the...