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  1. Hans3T

    Kumho Road Venture MT 315/75/16

    After a few long years of waiting to wear the OEM 33" Duellers to wear down (which didn't...I just couldn't wait anymore), I pulled the trigger on some new 35"s for Barney. Discount Tire had a decent rebate going along with a manufacturer rebate so I was able to justify it...:wink: Anywho...
  2. autumn walker

    38" Military Takeoffs (16.5" wheel) on H2?

    38" Military Takeoffs (16" wheel) on H2? Anyone know if this is possible? I'm really interested in putting a set of 38" military takeoff tires on my H2 for offroading purposes; however, they are made for a 16.5" 16" wheel. I know the H2 has a 17" and the tolerances are really tight, but has...
  3. autumn walker

    33" A/T Tire Recommendations

    I'm currently running an aggressive 35" M/T tire, but my time on-road is increasing and the M/T is getting annoying. I'd like to step down to a 33" A/T tire to try and recoup a little fuel economy, but mostly for ride comfort (i.e. not vibrating on the highway) and lower noise. What do you run...
  4. autumn walker

    Factory and Common Tire Sizes for H3

    There used to be a thread on CHO with the common tire sizes for the H3. I'm looking to get a smaller set of tires, but forget what the metric measurement for the 33" factory option is. Post up if you know and I'll edit this post with a list of the factory / common aftermarket tire sizes...