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  1. USMC_315

    Newb to T-bars, help?

    Hey guys, I've never worked on t-bars before, nor have I ever had them worked on, so I'm really in the dark on this one. Like I may have mentioned in my build thread and possibly somewhere else, the measurements between center of the wheel and fender are both different on the front end. I was...
  2. R

    Bouncy front end question

    Hi guys, I have an 07 5-speed H3. Yesturday I did the torsion bar lift to 23and a half. After driving it today the front end feels pretty bouncy, even when shifting. Not side to side, just up and down. It's getting a set of duratrac 35's right now and an alignment tomorro. Anyway I was just...
  3. N

    H3 Rox Ebay 3"front level and 2" rear lift

    What do you guys think about this kit? I am looking for a little more lift than cranking the torsion bars but don't want to deal with the sagging of the Rancho kit. I also know about the SOA conversion and air bags but I think that would be over kill for my purpose (mild off road more aesthetic...