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  1. Z

    Weather Stripping (All Doors) Sagging

    A little while a go I took all the chairs out of the cab so i could dry the carpet and fix the leaky sunroof drains and then had the floor lineX'ed. And since then the weather stripping has been sagging. Do I need to get a new set or am I not installing it back correctly?
  2. Z

    Soda Blasting Plastic Trim

    Im curious if anyone knows if soda-blasting the grey plastic (ext) trim will make it look better or like new again? -Its solid color through the material right?
  3. J

    This is what I get for being lazy

    So yesterday I was blacking out my rims, grill, and emblems and opened the door for the cargo area and noticed the plastic was melting and didn't realize why and figured I would look at it later as it was only slightly misshaped...... later in the night me and my friends wound up driving really...
  4. alrock

    A pillar - trim repair and running wires

    My A pillar trim has busted clips for the third time but now, with no warranty, I didn't want to shell out $90 for a new piece. So I bought a $120 tool to fix the problem :) I did the repair a the same time that I was running the wires for the Rigid lights and thought I would include a few pics...
  5. mightyepp

    H2 Parts F/S

    New Rear Center Bezel Carbon Fiber $25 OBO Used Silver Interior 5 piece Trim and Bezel Pieces $50 OBO New Predator Clear LED Roof Lamps $150 OBO Used OEM Third Brake Light $5 OBO Used OEM Pair Driving Lights $20 OBO http://s1236.photobucket.com/albums/ff446/mightyepp/Hummer%20H2/ Prices do...