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  1. H


    It is expected to rain again tomorrow in LA, and need to fix this fast. Water, quite a bit, was found on the speaker cover in the cargo area of the driver's side. Saw no evidence of water on the headliner. Could not find a source of where this water is coming from. Pulled the back seats up...
  2. Grimmjow

    H3 Whole Laundry List of Problems from Driving Across the US - HELP?!

    My H3 has been a nightmare recently. I just moved across the US from Wilmington, NC to Phoenix, AZ. Left my car in Charlotte, NC with a sib and just drove it here this past weekend after it had been sitting for a month. My problems started with the usual sunroof leak. Fixed the hoses before...
  3. M

    Water soaked H3 No Moonroof

    How did my baby get soaked inside? It doesn’t have a moonroof. It’s had the rock magnet windshield replaced a few times. It’s been in seriously heavy mid-western rain (storm dropped a few tornadoes and microbursts, gale force winds, but I escaped the hail). I get in after the storm...
  4. autumn walker

    Computer locations - what to watch for with water

    Can anyone point out where the computers are in the H2? I want to know what to watch for if I'm in water (we have a lot of it around here). I know the H3 had the BCM in the passenger footwell - anything that low on the H2?
  5. autumn walker

    Roof Leak - Passenger Side A-Pillar

    Went out to my truck this morning to see a drip of water on the dash - looked up and saw water coming down the passenger A-pillar and a slight damp spot on the headliner just above the A-pillar. Truck does not have a sunroof. I suspect it is the marker lights... anything else I should be...
  6. L

    Gauges fogging up

    Yesterday, while out wheeling, I noticed that my speedometer looked like it had moisture on the inside of the glass. The moisture went away and later the oil pressure gauge did the same. I worry that moisture in the instrument panel could potentially be a *very* bad thing. Any suggestions on...