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  1. M

    H3 Wheel Offsets and Frequent Hub Replacement

    Okee dokee... so I've been looking at American Racing AR62s for a while now as a decent looking, solid wheel for 285s. But when I ended up with an H3 instead of a pickup, suddenly Tire Rack doesn't list them as a recommended size. Is there something about them I don't know? I'm guessing it's...
  2. F

    WTS Hummer H2 OEM factory Special Edition Chrome wheels

    Hummer H2 OEM factory Special Edition Chrome wheels These are genuine GM chromed alloy wheels. Set of 4. They are used, have some chrome peel inside the barrels (they all do that), and come in original boxes. Faces are in great condition as you can see. These are a beautiful and strong...
  3. MessiaH2

    MessiaH2 had a big couple weeks of build

    I have owned my 03' Deuce and it has been my daily driver since Jan 2004. It has had some options added over the years but nothing like the past two weeks. It just received a 6" Fab Tech lift which mounted perfect and rides fantastic! Before After MassiaH2 second coming!!! This name comes...
  4. MessiaH2

    6" lift & tires

    Hey gang, thank you for welcoming me into the group. I have been running my 2003 H2 for 9 years stock and am now ready to play and have a bit more fun by lifting it. I have owned and operated many very large lifted trucks with over 10" lift and 44" tires so i have plenty of mud and wrench time...
  5. 08Alpha

    18" H3X 5 wheels and tires

    I have the 5 wheels and tires off my H3X 18" 265/65/18 with about 30 to 40% tread. Spare is a New Bridgestone, Center caps, TPMS. No curb rash, look nice. 1000.00 trying to recoupe some money for my new 16's. May do some trading. Looking for UCP, rock rails, etc. Or just shoot me an offer...