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  1. D

    2010 Adventure Edition

    New here. My first car in 1995 was a 1974 CJ-5. Have always had a jeep since (CJ-8, CJ-7 and Wranglers). Hummer feels like an extension or close relative to my Jeep (AMC/AM GENERAL). It rides smoother and does exceptionally well off-road. My GF' booked a weekend at Matthew McConaugheys'...
  2. F

    WTT 09 H3 Luxury/Adventure - Trade for H3T (and cash on my end)

    So, I think I found a really nice, reliable H3. I got this to carry my horse dog (great dane) around, but she's getting a little old to launch into a lifted SUV, so she gets to ride in style in the X5. I've always wanted a H3t. I've been through 4 H3's trying to find one to make me happy. I...
  3. Gpcalero

    Gpcalero's "The Duke" H3T Alpha Build

    BACK IN THE GAME BABY. Long time lurker on the site but when I was active I used a different forum :Shhh:. Seems like this forum has more activity and more information that has helped me out lately, so I'm going to post my build primarily here. Been quite a few years since I was last in the H3...
  4. M

    Greetings from St. Thomas Virgin Islands

    Newbie here driving a 2007 H3 Adventure package with 101K miles on it.
  5. P

    WTS 2009 H3T Alpha w/ Lockers

    Hey Guys, I am entertaining the idea of putting my H3T Alpha for sale. I don't want are necessarily need to sale but the wife and I were talking about getting something bigger for our family. Like the title says it is an 09 H3T with the Alpha and Off road package. it was a Canada rig so the...
  6. R

    H3 Differences between H3 Alpha, Adventure, and Lux?

    Title pretty much speaks for itself, but to add... I'm especially wondering about the difference between the alpha and the adventure