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  1. Eric@Rotech

    Digital Display For H2

    Hello, I just purchased a 2003 Hummer H2. I'm starting to upgrade my interior to give it a modern look. Besides changing out seats, carpet/headliner, I've decided to tackle the instrument cluster. Nothing wrong with having analog gauges I just prefer the digital look I've been accustomed to...
  2. D

    H2 owner from MI - looking for some experienced advice from you guys

    Hey everyone... Im new and have posted a couple questions on existing H2 forum threads in hopes to get some much needed advice. Ive had my 2003 H2 since 2002 and even though I am so in love with her (my "BadHumvee" was the 1st car I bought & paid off on my own...and I had wanted a Hummer since I...
  3. X

    H2 luggage OEM rails and lights

    I have a used OEM light bar with keys for sale. #19171531. Aluminum finish bar with 4 6inch 55watt lights. It does not have the black covers that go over the glass of the lights. Asking $300. Also I have the normal rails in the same finish with the key. $100. #17801157. Call or text for more...