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leveling kit

  1. H

    H3 What type of Rear shocks should I buy for my Lifted H3?

    The title says it all, I recently lifted my h3 with the rough country leveling kit for the h3 that adds 2.5" to the front. I saw on the sticky thread that the "Bilstein (24-186742) 5100 Series Rear Shock Absorber" is a great choice for the front. However since there is only that for the shocks I...
  2. cory9oh4

    Rough Country Level Kit and Front Bump Stops

    2008 H3 stock suspension at the moment: When installing this leveling kit is it recommended to also get the extended front bump stops? Does this kit effectively do the same thing as cranking up the torsion bars? The kit I ordered is...
  3. I

    about to order torsion keys or some minimal lift for 305 x 16 any tips first?

    Hey everyone, New guy here from chas. WV and having a little trouble deciding on the most bang for my buck, I have recently purchased a base model h3 with the 285 's already on it (brand new all seasons) lol just installed about 2 weeks aggo by dealer. Yesterday my fav tire store Appalachain...
  4. spillKill

    The Truxx leveling kit for H3?

    hey guys just wondering how this leveling kit actually works and if it is worth getting i have seen the Tbar way and i just feel like its not the best way... input is greatly appreciated...