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  1. P

    H3T H3T, Considerations when picking tire size for an H3T

    What considerations need to be made when trying to go up to 35 and 37 inch tires? Back spacing, spacer choice, lift, etc. Will 37s work on stock suspension? Thanks Grant
  2. C

    2006 Hummer H3

    2006 Hummer H3 Adventure Package 4x4 w/diff lock GREAT CONDITION, hummer runs perfect 155xxx miles TEXT ME FOR MORE INFO AND PICS (512)492-2133 -Sunroof -Power Seats -Lumbar Button -Heated Seats Aftermarket additions: -Leveling Kit -Bilstein 2100 Extended Shocks -Firestone Destination M/T...
  3. F

    4" Lift Help Needed!

    I purchased an 08 H3 Alpha salvaged off the internet. This gets better. The photos looked good and I had a Colorado in 05 which was totaled. So, thinking I enjoyed that truck, and this was the same platform, I bid on my Hummer. Long story short, I purchased this vehicle sight unseen. I...
  4. J

    new guy from MS

    Hi, new owner of a 2006 White Lux H3 with 33'' trail grapplers m/t atturo tires with a 1" lift. Brown and tan seats. Looking to put my Kenwood Nav unit in this thing. I want to retain on-star and the chimes that come along with it. I have the stock radio 6 disc xm capable non-nav unit in now...
  5. Hans3T

    Kumho Road Venture MT 315/75/16

    After a few long years of waiting to wear the OEM 33" Duellers to wear down (which didn't...I just couldn't wait anymore), I pulled the trigger on some new 35"s for Barney. Discount Tire had a decent rebate going along with a manufacturer rebate so I was able to justify it...:wink: Anywho...
  6. N

    H3 Rox Ebay 3"front level and 2" rear lift

    What do you guys think about this kit? I am looking for a little more lift than cranking the torsion bars but don't want to deal with the sagging of the Rancho kit. I also know about the SOA conversion and air bags but I think that would be over kill for my purpose (mild off road more aesthetic...
  7. reaper

    H3 Add a Leaf Added 2.5" to my sagging Rancho rear end

    After cranking my front t-bars (w/ Rancho lift), my front was 22" from the ground to the rock sliders and the rear was 19.5. I added the following Add-a-Leaf kit ($88) and now the front and rear are 22" to the rock sliders. :thumbs: No more sag, no more shackles clanking onto the frame... this...
  8. Hans3T

    H3T Hans3T's Tuff Country Build

    Hey there, H4Oans! Well, 06 H3 went and got me all jealous, so I had to rush out and get a lift for my truck too... :wink: In all seriousness, I had actually bought the Tuff Country lift back in October and, for multiple reasons, had to wait until now to have it done. I'm now glad to report...
  9. Hans3T

    H3 Video For the Newbies: How to Perform a Torsion Bar Lift (Crank Your T-bars)

    For any New members to the site or visitors curious about the fabled "poor man's lift", I found this great little video on Youtube which gives you just about all the information you need to perform a t-bar lift in your driveway. This is not my video, and all credit goes to the creator...
  10. Trekker

    Rancho Suspension Lift for the Deuce

    Well I've had my '05 H2 for about a year now so I think it's time to start some mods. I've got the wife (H3Wench) sold on doing the Rancho 4" suspension lift (I just keep showing her pics of RuggedH2's rig). Here's what I'm thinking: Rancho suspension lift kit RS6557 (Air Suspension) Rancho...