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  1. I

    Digital light switch blew up.

    Hey guys, looking for some guidance. I have a 1986 HMMWV (see below) that I upgraded many items on it and that includes a digital/ electronic light switch. After about 3 months I turned my lights on and the switch blew out and black smoke filled the vehicle. After thinking that Armageddon...
  2. X

    H2 luggage OEM rails and lights

    I have a used OEM light bar with keys for sale. #19171531. Aluminum finish bar with 4 6inch 55watt lights. It does not have the black covers that go over the glass of the lights. Asking $300. Also I have the normal rails in the same finish with the key. $100. #17801157. Call or text for more...
  3. J

    Roof lighting questions

    So I have the stock Roof lights that came with the Adventure Pkg, I was wondering what my options would be for changing the lights to HIDs (would it fit) or can I take those lights out and put in a set of led pods? I want to make all my lights match or at least kinda match and think it would...
  4. USMC_315

    Key Stuck in Ignition?

    So the other day I was on my way to get lunch and after parking in the parking lot I put the truck in park and tried to turned it off. The engine turned off, however I wasn't able to completely turn it off, the radio and stuff was still on. After 10 minutes of trying to caress the key out, I...
  5. alrock

    A great source for LEDs

    I was doing a bit of research about my daily driver and found another LED vendor. I know they are almost a dime a dozen now and I've seen some crappy stuff out there. I've bought LEDs that didn't work out of the box, were shipped in plain poly bags stapled closed, etc. Many of them make it hard...
  6. R

    H3 Marker lights on H3?

    Is there anywhere I can get the marker lights on the roof like the H2 has, I'm looking at an H3 but it doesn't have the marker lights above the wind shrink like I want. I want good quality stuff not stick ons like I've seen. More specially, does anyone know where I can get the eom part that gym...
  7. S

    WTB: OEM Roof Marker Lights H3

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to purchase or get help on how to replace my OEM roof marker lights which broke off going down the highway last week. The body shop said the plastic is deteriorated too badly to fix it and although I put the screws back in the roof to cover the holes, the truck looks bad...
  8. mightyepp

    H2 Parts F/S

    New Rear Center Bezel Carbon Fiber $25 OBO Used Silver Interior 5 piece Trim and Bezel Pieces $50 OBO New Predator Clear LED Roof Lamps $150 OBO Used OEM Third Brake Light $5 OBO Used OEM Pair Driving Lights $20 OBO http://s1236.photobucket.com/albums/ff446/mightyepp/Hummer%20H2/ Prices do...