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power steering

  1. rascole

    H3 SAS power steering cooler.

    After the SAS install in my 06 I5 with hydro assist, my PS started to whine after a couple of trips. Fluid was getting very hot. I installed a new ACD pump before Moab last year and it only started to whine after I got back. Each trip to local trails it would start to whine quicker, to the...
  2. rascole

    H3 I5 power steering pump comparison.

    Since my SAS I recently started to have power steering pump whine after an hour of wheeling. On the street and highway everything is quite but as soon as there is constant demand on the trail, the howling starts. Clearly the FJ80 box and PSC ram assist are too much and the fluid is getting...
  3. H

    Power Steering Pump going bad?? Suggestions...

    2007 Hummer H3 3.7l i5 (122,XXX) miles Truck started making a whining noise when turning steering wheel, from previous experiences I first checked the power steering fluid and the fluid level was good. Checked parking spot for any PS fluid on the ground, but nothing found. Rack and pinion seems...
  4. F

    NEW H3 OEM Power Steering Rack w/16mm Upgraded Tie Rods NIB

    Hello all, I have been lurking here since I bought my H3 in Jan of this year but due to unforseen mechanical problems with her I ended up with another vehicle :whaa::whaa::whaa: One of my first upgrades was going to be replacing the power steering rack and pump as they were leaking and step up...
  5. F

    Power Steering issues

    I have a 2009 H3T. Highway used only. It acts like I don't have any power steering when I am maneuvering at low speeds, like in a parking lot, or just getting out of my driveway. It seems like it only does it if I am using the break pedal. I can let off the break, wait a second or two and it...
  6. C

    2006 H2 Bad thing with steering

    My 2006 H2 steering became super hard to turn and brakes started to fade. No loss of fluid or other leaks. Steering returns with RPM at about 2000. What the heck?:emb:
  7. autumn walker

    Power Steering Cooler Popped

    I was pulling into the trail head last Saturday when I felt a vibration in my brake pedal and heard a horrible "pump running without any fluid in it" noise whenever I applied the brakes or turned the steering wheel. I immediately pulled off and shut the truck down. Popped the hood to see fluid...