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  1. Gpcalero

    Gpcalero's "The Duke" H3T Alpha Build

    BACK IN THE GAME BABY. Long time lurker on the site but when I was active I used a different forum :Shhh:. Seems like this forum has more activity and more information that has helped me out lately, so I'm going to post my build primarily here. Been quite a few years since I was last in the H3...
  2. rascole

    Rascole's Rancho SOA install

    Worst 3.5 weeks I’ve had. Well almost. Started my install the week before Christmas, right when one of the largest chain of rain storms hits SoCal. I had 2 weeks off work dedicated to this project and only got to work on it 2 days. Then a 6 week work schedule of 6/12 hour shifts killed my...
  3. rascole

    Get your Rancho warranty now!

    If you have a Rancho lift for your H3 now is the time to get any warranty items replaced now, parts are disappearing. I bought a used Rancho kit from a member here and I am in the middle of doing some mods to it before I install it. The front cross member was slightly bent but easily fixed. I...
  4. humvee

    Looking for a Rancho kit

    Hey guys. I'll post this now and bump it every once in a while. If anyone is looking to get rid of their Rancho lift, or selling their truck and want to bargain for that separately, I'm a serious buyer. Specifically, I'm looking for the front end only but will take whatever comes my way. Cheers!
  5. J

    H3 Hummer Suspension (RANCHO) Bushings

    Hello Everyone, Needing some assistance from all of you hummer Guru's in the USA :thumbs: Question 1: I have the Rancho 4" Lift in my 07 H3 and I am in urgent need of the front diff support bush for the Rancho kit, Does anyone have access to these bushes and know who or where could possibly...
  6. Hummerboy

    Rancho lift/Front Diff

    Just got my h3 back today. Mounted 37x13.50 mud grapplers on it. I went with the rancho lift and the daystar 1 inch body. I'm now on the fence about a PCM tune but was wondering what options I have for a new front diff to get better gears to help turn the tires. I'm not interested in a SAS just...
  7. reaper

    H3 Add a Leaf Added 2.5" to my sagging Rancho rear end

    After cranking my front t-bars (w/ Rancho lift), my front was 22" from the ground to the rock sliders and the rear was 19.5. I added the following Add-a-Leaf kit ($88) and now the front and rear are 22" to the rock sliders. :thumbs: No more sag, no more shackles clanking onto the frame... this...
  8. Hans3T

    H3T Hans3T's Tuff Country Build

    Hey there, H4Oans! Well, 06 H3 went and got me all jealous, so I had to rush out and get a lift for my truck too... :wink: In all seriousness, I had actually bought the Tuff Country lift back in October and, for multiple reasons, had to wait until now to have it done. I'm now glad to report...
  9. Trekker

    Rancho Suspension Lift for the Deuce

    Well I've had my '05 H2 for about a year now so I think it's time to start some mods. I've got the wife (H3Wench) sold on doing the Rancho 4" suspension lift (I just keep showing her pics of RuggedH2's rig). Here's what I'm thinking: Rancho suspension lift kit RS6557 (Air Suspension) Rancho...
  10. reaper

    Skid plate w/ Rancho Lift?

    I am considering keeping the front skid plate off. I have a rancho lift with a BA bumper, it's only function seems to be to keep mud/snow/water from splashing up into the radiator, but it also seems to trap a lot of heat in there. I noticed that with the engine on at idle a lot of hot air gets...
  11. Hans3T

    The Rancho Lift

    Can anyone who has/has had the kit share their thoughts and experiences with the Rancho lift? Positives/negatives?