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    H3 Rattle from Left Front of H3

    Hopefully I get this correct, I just joined. I purchased a 2008 H3 a year ago. Since then when I hit a small crack or bump in the road, even worse when making a left turn I get a rattle from the front left. The problem goes away faster the 40 MPH. I’ve replaced the ball joints with no luck...
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    H3 H3 3.7 I5 Rattling from transmission ??????Any ideas .

    hey guys , So earlier today i went to start my h3 up to take her out and run some errands. Well i didnt notice this till i got to the gas station but there was a rattle coming from under the truck it sounds like some bolts in a can being rattled around .my first thought was maybe the heat...
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    H3 Rattle near fan when idle and at normal operating temp. only

    2007 132,000 miles Hummer Service did head job, within a week a rattle began only when idle and when eng is at normal operating temp. That's to say when its cold and until the temp reaches normal, no rattle. Same if driving... no rattle. The rattle comes from the fan/front engine upper area...
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    H3 __________Headliner Rattle Issue__________

    :huh:Hey guys I have an issue that I hope someone can help me out with. I have a 2008 Base H3 and since day one I have had issues with a rattle coming from right behind the driver's seat by the dome light. It gets worse when I open the sunroof and drive 35+ MPH. It is quite annoying and so far...