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reverse lights

  1. Diode Dynamics

    NOW AVAILABLE: Stage Series Flush Mount Reverse Light Kit! | Diode Dynamics

    Diode Dynamics is excited to introduce ourUniversal Stage Series Flush Mount Reverse Light Kit! https://youtu.be/1L46xrPD3rQ There's plenty of ways to add light behind your vehicle, but the new Universal Stage Series Reverse Light Kitstands out with innovations in both function and ease of...
  2. rascole

    H3 Christmas came early for Rascole. New mods.

    Wow, Uncle Samta Clause was good to me this year. Over the last few days the presents came rolling in. 1. OEM Sliders - Wheeled and dealed with a eBayer for $275. 2. UCP - Kinda surprised how heavy they are. 3. LED lights - I was searching for rock lights and came across Aliexpress.com...