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  1. L

    H3 Ignition Circuit Fail - H3 Alpha

    Don't know if any of you have run into this, but thought this post might be helpful. On a few occasions the past two winters, my H3 completely refused to engage the starter circuit. Occurred months apart. Learned a few things: 1) I replaced the battery twice; first time not a waste, battery was...
  2. USMC_315

    Key Stuck in Ignition?

    So the other day I was on my way to get lunch and after parking in the parking lot I put the truck in park and tried to turned it off. The engine turned off, however I wasn't able to completely turn it off, the radio and stuff was still on. After 10 minutes of trying to caress the key out, I...
  3. J

    H3 H3 "almost dies" right after start up PLEASE HELP

    This is my first post on this forum site. I love the site and it has helped me on numerous occasions so I thought I would post my own problem to try and get some feedback. I have a 2008 H3 with almost 52,000 miles. For about the last year or so, occasionally (and I stress occasionally) my H3...
  4. autumn walker

    Difficult to start when engine is warm

    So for the last week or two my truck has been difficult to start. First thing in the morning it's almost like a weak battery or a very cold morning - slow turnover, then starts. If I'm out running errands and I try to start the truck while the engine is warm it almost won't turn over - VERY...
  5. mightyepp

    Will not start

    The Hummer will not start. I tried installing the Diablo tuner. The backup for the tuner worked, then I tried to install the Diablo package and an error came up saying "illegal tune" or something along those lines. I tried reloading the factory tune off the Diablo and it keeps stoping and...