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06 h3

  1. J

    This is what I get for being lazy

    So yesterday I was blacking out my rims, grill, and emblems and opened the door for the cargo area and noticed the plastic was melting and didn't realize why and figured I would look at it later as it was only slightly misshaped...... later in the night me and my friends wound up driving really...
  2. J

    I may be b*ned

    So Sunday night I went off-roading with some buddies and we stumbled across a mud pit.... went through it a bunch of times and eventually got stuck.. (for some reason it wont let me upload the pic of it stuck) got pulled out all that stuff and the rig was fine. So tonight (Tuesday night) we...
  3. J

    SOCAL offroad spots?

    So on Saturday I went up to Black Mountain ( MT San Jacinto) to do some rock climbing and it turns out there's a bunch of off-road trails around there! I wanted to check some out but was too tired from a long day of climbing. Anyways I was talking to this guy and he was telling me about some...
  4. J

    Hit and run

    So today while I was at work some guys in a silverado pulling a trailer hit my car in the parking lot breaking my driver side mirror and took off. I didn't realize it had happened until it was too late.. Point being is I have a broken driver side mirror and need to find a replacement and all I...
  5. J


    Alright so back at the very end of March I went on my first desert trip and when I was out there all of a sudden I kept hearing a hitting noise and asked my buddy what that was and he said it was probably just rocks hitting in the wheel well so I ignored it..... then I realized that it was...
  6. J

    H3 Incline touble in my in line 5 H3

    So i have noticed that any time I am driving up on a constant incline on my way up to a mountain ( I am a rock climber and love the outdoors) my h3 really struggles to maintain speed. On Friday night I was on my way up to Mt. High for my first time snowboarding and my buddy told me to take a...
  7. J

    Rookie from Socal!

    I have a Yellow 06 H3! I recently made a rookie mistake of getting new tires before thinking about how big they should have been since I would like to lift my H3! I'm not mechanically savvy so any help you guys can provide I'm all ears!:) I had read on here about leveling an H3 by doing a...