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black sheep

  1. alrock

    Moab April 2015 Black Sheep Week - April 5-11

    Our springtime Black Sheep Hummer Week is right around the corner! As usual, we'll start as Easter Jeep Safari ends on Easter Sunday. Most wheeling starts on Monday the 6th, with most attendees arriving on Sunday the 5th. Arrive and depart as it fits in your schedule. A variety of lodging...
  2. Neo

    Moab 2014 Black Sheep Week & H4O Spring Run April 21st thru the 25th

    April 21st thru the 25th 2014 Come early stay late, camp at the Outpost or select your lodging. It's the week after Easter Jeep Safari so come early if you want to see the vendors and craziness of E.J.S. Everyone is welcome, heeps, yotas, rovers, chebys, or whatever else you're rollin in. All...
  3. alrock

    Moab Black Sheep Week -March 31-April 5, 2013

    The April 2013 dates have been confirmed with Neo! Start booking your trips for Sunday the 31st through Friday the 5th. As always, it is a come and go affair with some people arriving as early as Friday the 29th. Easter Jeep Safari wraps up that first weekend so lodging could be challenging on...
  4. alrock

    Moab Black Sheep-October 2012 pics, video recap

    Backcountryislife and I did a quick run on Hell's Revenge today. We moved quickly, finishing it in 2:50 with our only real slowdown with some Range Rover's ahead of us afraid to drop down a 2' stepped descent. Took them 10+ minutes to do what we did in about 30 seconds. First, I'm happy to...