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  1. A

    WTS 2006 Hummer H3 For Sale

    I am reluctantly selling our 2006 Hummer H3. We found out we have another little one on the way and needed more room for the family. That being said I am posting up our Hummer. It has been a very great rig and I would much rather NOT sell it, but I don't have much of a choice. The specs are...
  2. J

    Roof lighting questions

    So I have the stock Roof lights that came with the Adventure Pkg, I was wondering what my options would be for changing the lights to HIDs (would it fit) or can I take those lights out and put in a set of led pods? I want to make all my lights match or at least kinda match and think it would...
  3. alrock

    A great source for LEDs

    I was doing a bit of research about my daily driver and found another LED vendor. I know they are almost a dime a dozen now and I've seen some crappy stuff out there. I've bought LEDs that didn't work out of the box, were shipped in plain poly bags stapled closed, etc. Many of them make it hard...
  4. Ron46

    LED headlight group buy, OLB

    Hey guys, my friend owns off road led bars and he said if we can get a group buy of 10 or more, we can get the led headlights for $110 a set. This includes free shipping, and a lifetime warranty. If your interested in the group buy, post on this thread. Also if anybody is interested in led...
  5. rascole

    H3 Christmas came early for Rascole. New mods.

    Wow, Uncle Samta Clause was good to me this year. Over the last few days the presents came rolling in. 1. OEM Sliders - Wheeled and dealed with a eBayer for $275. 2. UCP - Kinda surprised how heavy they are. 3. LED lights - I was searching for rock lights and came across Aliexpress.com...
  6. is350

    finally!!! someone does a good review on LED bars

  7. Ron46

    Rock lights input!

    Ive been looking into getting a set of rock lights for a while now, and I was wondering what color would be the best. I found a set in either green or white. I know the white would probably be better for seeing, but I thought the green would be good for strain on your eyes, kind of like how in...
  8. is350

    H3 What kind of Rigids should I go with?

    thinking about getting some rigid industries leds for the gobi stealth rack, just wondering what would be the best combo? I'm thinking 4 dually d2s or maybe a 10" in the middle with a 6" on either side, open to other ideas as well. this is still a couple months out but i was just curious what u...
  9. alrock

    Check out the hi-beams on that rack!

    Thanks to Tim at Expedition Hardware :cheers: for getting me this Gobi and these Rigid Lights. If I didn't have Tim do the ordering I think I'd be sitting here all frustrated that I didn't get the right mounts, correct setup, etc . The Rigid Lights come with complete wiring harness from switch...
  10. Ron46

    LED reverse lights

    Hey guys, I purchased these led cree reverse lights last week and they finally arrived and I installed them yesterday. Instal was easy, besides I can to cut some of the plastic off the bulb because it didn't fit as snug as I wanted it to be, but the difference is huge. It is hard to tell in...
  11. mightyepp

    H2 Parts F/S

    New Rear Center Bezel Carbon Fiber $25 OBO Used Silver Interior 5 piece Trim and Bezel Pieces $50 OBO New Predator Clear LED Roof Lamps $150 OBO Used OEM Third Brake Light $5 OBO Used OEM Pair Driving Lights $20 OBO http://s1236.photobucket.com/albums/ff446/mightyepp/Hummer%20H2/ Prices do...