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  1. rascole

    Motor mount help on I5.

    I searched and found only 2 threads that talk about replacing the motor mounts on an I5. Who has done it and how difficult is it? I already have the inner fender wells out and figured now is a good time to access the mounts, they look pretty cracked. Does the engine need to be supported...
  2. BradenGV

    Anybody tried putting in Shallow Mount Subs?

    I'm looking at putting these underneath the seat of my H3T, and building 2 custom boxes. I was wondering if anybody else has tried this out?
  3. RickStang

    H3 Winch mount with pics/measurements

    Hi guys! Thought I'd share my winch mount with you guys The base plate that bolts onto the D-rings is 36 1/2" x 3 1/8" The plate on which the winch sits (welded to the base plate) is 22" x 10" The plate the fairlead is bolted to is 22" wide x 7" tall everything is 1/2" thick what I...
  4. autumn walker

    Radio Location Ideas

    I currently have a two-way and CB radio mounted in my H2. The CB is mounted to the driver's side of the "transmission tunnel" and the two-way is mounted above the center vents on top of the dash. The two-way drives me crazy as it causes the dash to rattle. I've been looking around the interior...