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  1. rascole

    H3 I5 power steering pump comparison.

    Since my SAS I recently started to have power steering pump whine after an hour of wheeling. On the street and highway everything is quite but as soon as there is constant demand on the trail, the howling starts. Clearly the FJ80 box and PSC ram assist are too much and the fluid is getting...
  2. R

    Power steering

    I have problems with the power steering only when parking or off-road. I have checked the fluid and its fine, I also haven't noticed any leaks. I started to notice this after my fun day of driving through a lot of snow, so maybe they're connected some how? I also just posted a thread on my...
  3. humvee

    H3 Power steering fluid bled.. PROBLEMS

    Hi guys, After uninstalling and reinstalling the rack and pinion, I bled and replaced the power steering fluid; now I get steering noises while turning. Whats the deal here? Is the rest of the air just making its way out of my steering components? should I give it a couple of days? Or did I...
  4. alrock

    Scorpworks Steering Rack Bracket -six months in and still going strong!

    I've had Preferred Chassis Fabrication's Scorpworks Steering Rack Bracket on my H3 for six months now. And it's still an awesome upgrade. The steering in my H3 has been an on and off drama. Anyone remember the intermediate steering shaft issues back in 06 and 07? Took a few trips to the dealer...
  5. PCH2

    Steering Upgrade...Need Input

    Ok, so I noticed I am seeing slop in the steering of our '08 H2V. I have assembled a list of parts that I am looking to try and get accomplished by Oct Moab trip. I need some input as to it what I have planned for the steering is over thought or have I forgotten something. Kryptonite center...
  6. C

    2006 H2 Bad thing with steering

    My 2006 H2 steering became super hard to turn and brakes started to fade. No loss of fluid or other leaks. Steering returns with RPM at about 2000. What the heck?:emb: