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hummer h2

  1. A

    2005 H2 DRLs

    So I’m a newb to the H2 life. I just bought an 05 SUT and I’m trying to play around with a few little mods here and there. I read on a forum where a guy said by running a jumper wire with diode from headlight relay to DRL fuse it would allow the DRLs to be on when the headlights come on. Well he...
  2. C

    Where to get Building hummer H2 6.6L Duramax engine

    I haven't got H2 hummer yet but interested to get one and put a conversion Duramax 6.6 liter In I would like to no if anyone can recommend shop to do the conversion I have some shops in mind please let me know if any of you had a conversion done by these shop or any others and anyone had...
  3. racksonblacks

    WTS 5 ATX Clash 20" Rims in TOYO Open Country 305/50-20s with lots of life left

    Located in Gilbert, Arizona. They are all in good condition. These are teflon coated and look pretty sweet. Only Selling because I need something a little more practical for the everyday. Would love to keep as a secondary pair but would rather see someone enjoy them. Asking $1950 OBO, for the 5...
  4. USMC_315

    Key Stuck in Ignition?

    So the other day I was on my way to get lunch and after parking in the parking lot I put the truck in park and tried to turned it off. The engine turned off, however I wasn't able to completely turn it off, the radio and stuff was still on. After 10 minutes of trying to caress the key out, I...
  5. Big2dabank

    H2 Upper and Lower Control Arm Ball Joint Replacement

    I need to replace my ball joints on the upper and lower control arms, so I decided to do something a little different than just replace the entire control arms. I plan on eventually upgrading to heavy duty uppers with with either a uniball or moog problem solver ball joint, but until I make up...
  6. C

    H2 SUT Tailgate Lock Plate

    I am looking for a replacement Tailgate Lock Plate Assembly for a H2 SUT tonneau cover (triangular shaped item pictured below). This item bolts to the inside of the tailgate and holds the exterior tailgate handle in place. It also acts as a latch stop when the tonneau cover is locked so the...
  7. R

    To be or not to be...

    This sticker has been on the rear window since i got it a couple years ago. either its a cheap sticker or whoever put it on there didn't do it correctly cause its peeling now. should i just leave it on there or take it off
  8. R

    H2 side mirrors?

    I want to add on the 2006 model mirrors to my H2, I don't like the mirror like chrome front of them and prefer the ones with the black trim and little bit of chrome. is it possible to simply put them on mine. I have a 2003.
  9. R

    Was I wrong in my actions?

    Yesterday I was cruising around town, enjoying the weather, listening to music, and laughing at jeeps. I turned onto a 2 lane road and I was doing my thing when a little Camry pulled out from the neighborhood golf course. Instead of moving to the right side of the road, he was in my lane heading...
  10. R

    What's up your a$$?

    I've noticed recently that most other Hummer brothers don't wave. I'm not asking to do all the stupid sh*t jeep people do, but when you're sitting right next to me at a stoplight in your hummer and then scoff at me when I'm just saying wasup, wtf? am I asking for too much?
  11. R

    What does your H2 look like?

    First off, I kinda just want to see what every one has. Also I need some things to do to mine cause all I have are some bigger tires and rims, which isn't enough in my opinion. Here's what I got....
  12. Gruz7

    Rhode Island !!

    Just joined.. '04 H2 Adventure
  13. Renagade132

    Removing dashboard plate from around radio, temperature control unit, etc

    On my H2 I want to remove the center dashboard plate that goes around the radio, temperature control unit, On Star controls, etc to paint it, do I have to remove the center console to remove it? Because I off the 2 long Allen key bolts, and most of it came loose, but the three 12volt...
  14. Renagade132

    Renagade132 mod thread

    Hello everyone, I am glad. I found this site, and I am very happy to be part of this community. Here are some of my mods as. I can best list them. I have some older pics, but I will have to search where I stored them! I'm trying to keep a list of what I have added and will add, but so much is...
  15. mightyepp

    H2 Parts F/S

    New Rear Center Bezel Carbon Fiber $25 OBO Used Silver Interior 5 piece Trim and Bezel Pieces $50 OBO New Predator Clear LED Roof Lamps $150 OBO Used OEM Third Brake Light $5 OBO Used OEM Pair Driving Lights $20 OBO http://s1236.photobucket.com/albums/ff446/mightyepp/Hummer%20H2/ Prices do...