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  1. C

    H3T (09-10) H3T Snugtop question

    Hello, I have a Snugtop Slantback bed cover for an 2009-2010 H3T, It's black in color and in great shape. I wanted to reach out on the forum here and see if anyone else has sold one recently, and what would be a realistic price to list it at? Also, what would be the best place to list it...
  2. F

    WTT 09 H3 Luxury/Adventure - Trade for H3T (and cash on my end)

    So, I think I found a really nice, reliable H3. I got this to carry my horse dog (great dane) around, but she's getting a little old to launch into a lifted SUV, so she gets to ride in style in the X5. I've always wanted a H3t. I've been through 4 H3's trying to find one to make me happy. I...
  3. M

    WTB - H3T Alpha Left Rear Bumper Step Pad OR Front/Rear Bumper (ARM/Thor/Iron Bull)

    After years of waiting, I am finally having my 2009 H3T Alpha repainted at Starwood Motors with their custom armor finish. Bad news? Literally two days before I took her in someone dinged me in a parking lot and I drove off (I had had backed into the parking spot and didn't realize it till I...
  4. Gpcalero

    Gpcalero's "The Duke" H3T Alpha Build

    BACK IN THE GAME BABY. Long time lurker on the site but when I was active I used a different forum :Shhh:. Seems like this forum has more activity and more information that has helped me out lately, so I'm going to post my build primarily here. Been quite a few years since I was last in the H3...
  5. J

    BW 4494 2wd upgrade + manual locking hubs

    This is my first Thread; better to start off strong! I’m a new Hummer owner and loving every minute! I’ve been reading everyone’s posts for some time now, even prior to purchasing my H3T. After having this truck, I feel that GM was onto something with the H3T, but they were cut short and we...
  6. P

    WTS 2009 H3T Alpha w/ Lockers

    Hey Guys, I am entertaining the idea of putting my H3T Alpha for sale. I don't want are necessarily need to sale but the wife and I were talking about getting something bigger for our family. Like the title says it is an 09 H3T with the Alpha and Off road package. it was a Canada rig so the...
  7. F

    H3T ...I need a stud. For a SnugTop SlantBack...

    :) What...? So this little thing broke. I was able to pop the broken end from the arm with an awl....and the ball joint from the end of the shock. Seems like a $0.10 part...err a $3.25 replacement... Anyone have any hints on what to ask/search for? Low profile rivet sort of... Cheers!
  8. E

    Need help on an H3T steering rack replacement

    Ok folks, I have an H3T, bought it new, now at 166K mi. Steering rack bushing finally went, and I’m replacing it. I have everything unbolted except for the top bolt on the passenger C clamp. It’s a 3.7 engine. Can anyone describe how to get to the top bolt to get it undone. For the life of me I...
  9. S

    2009 H3T Back Seat Modification ??

    As we all know there isn't much room in our "big" Hummers. In the H3T there seems to be enough room under the rear seat bottom to store a few items - the jack obviously, a few tools, a quart of oil, first aid kit, etc. Does anyone know of a modification kit to allow the seat bottom to lift up...
  10. S

    Off-road shocks

    My girlfriend's dad thinks her H3T needs some new shocks, my best guess is this is because it does dive quite a bit, but it isn't excessively bouncy, and it has less than 100k miles on it. Now I'm pretty sure shocks won't get rid of the dive, they may slow it down, but dive and roll should be...
  11. houseofdiesel

    H3 & H3T Clearance Lights Bezel Backorder & Market

    So how many people are on the darn S&S back order list? I've been waiting for mine since November. I have sought out a Carbon Fiber Manufacturer but there is no way I'm going to throw down the coin for tooling and molding costs with such a limited demand for a vehicle that has been...
  12. M

    H3T H3T Grey import vehicle

    I love this forum and I read it every time there is a new post. I've watched tons of YouTube video's on the Hummers as well. I've been looking to buy a H3T for a while now. Was hoping one would show up locally with the configuration I want, but haven't had any luck. So I guess I'm going to have...
  13. BradenGV

    Anybody tried putting in Shallow Mount Subs?

    I'm looking at putting these underneath the seat of my H3T, and building 2 custom boxes. I was wondering if anybody else has tried this out?
  14. RamRod

    WTS H3 Clear Side Marker Light - Never Used $15

    I got a pair of "new" (never used) clear side marker lights that came with the clear LED Market lights that I recently installed on my rig.... Not going to be using them so I thought I would pass them on to someone else who would. I see that they sell on eBay for $30+S&H, so I am looking to get...
  15. C

    New to the H3T - but not new to Hummers...

    Long time Hummer H1 owner - in fact I'm on Hummer #6 with Silvrzuki's H3T Alpha/Adventure that I just bought. Picked it up last month and after a cursory inspection drove it 2800 miles in a little over two days back to Pennsylvania! Silvrzuki's set his (mine now ) H3T the way I would have done...
  16. P

    Soft open (used) H3T

  17. WillieMo

    H3T Alpha for sale Miami, FL

    if anyone is looking... don't see many of them around here... price is a little high but seems to be in nice shape!!! i would jump on this if I had the $$$ http://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/cto/4616972865.html
  18. Jeremy

    H3 Engine Vibration [ Steering Wheel + Center Console ]

    Has anyone had this problem? If so, how did you fix it?Problem:ONLY when I am idled (red light/stop sign/drive-thru, etc...) my steering wheel vibrates like its trying to fall off. Sometimes when I turn the A/C on it stops or as soon as I touch the gas pedal. The vibration has gotten so bad that...
  19. Jeremy

    New dude from TN. Whats up?

    I'm joining this forum because I have tons of questions on my vehicle that only Hummer owners can answer for me. I got my Hummer in February this year so it's still so new to me.
  20. Hans3T

    Kumho Road Venture MT 315/75/16

    After a few long years of waiting to wear the OEM 33" Duellers to wear down (which didn't...I just couldn't wait anymore), I pulled the trigger on some new 35"s for Barney. Discount Tire had a decent rebate going along with a manufacturer rebate so I was able to justify it...:wink: Anywho...